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Episode: 330

Airdate: Apr 22, 2007  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Smell the meat!




  • Slyfox (Subservient) - for everybdoy not in the know… it's essentially the real grey old fox :)
  • Heckles (Subservient)

Show Highlights

  • Lilly Voop is back after a two week break
  • “Pumpkinnuts”… Nuts!
  • “Deal or no deal” is prepared for the show
  • Mutt realizes that the sun is out…
  • Seatbelt-belt
  • Eagle Beagle has a cookbook… Liesl reads it… and Poink thinks a woman reading a cookbook is sexy.
  • The cast discusses their favorite food
  • Lilly Voop realizes that Mutt needs a girl
  • A K-9 sex-doll is mentioned…
  • Expensive and cheap cookies are discussed
  • Liesl suffers through the peep challange
  • Liesl brings up a quote: “Hmmmm…. Smell the meat!”
  • UncleKage is trapped at an airport
  • Rummage mentions Japanese bidets catching fire
  • A crazy magician (locked in a bubble) is discussed (FIXME name?)
  • Movies and radio stations are discussed.
  • Top Ten
  • Poink and Mutt discuss how rock stars don't age well and how Cyndi Lauper's music didn't age well either
  • Mutt is confused by the channel asking for a “Barrel Roll”
  • Rummage and Mutt realize that they are only 90 shows away from episode 420
  • Liesl ties several knots into a cherry stem
  • “Furry” news report… with Slyfox
  • After the dinner break, the subject revolves around Poinks penis… pretty much like his world.
  • Nius calls in and plays “Deal or no deal”: Picked $1 case, got deal for $4…
  • The cast explains the “Barrel Roll” joke and visits the Hampsterdance site…
  • Mutt suggests a triple-G rated show

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Caption: “Guy on rollerblade like contraptions, riding a roller coaster”
  • Pawpets cooking

Videos shown

  • I'm the scatman! - Scatman John
  • Electric Boogie - Music video with animal costume chat…
  • ??? - Music vide with shark costume
  • Old news report about the furry fandom, featuring Mach and SlyFox.
  • Insects crawling…
  • Megaplex 6 - by Sibir Lupus
  • Boston Pizza commercial with bigfoot(?)
  • Mt. Vernon Rec. Center Halloween Childrens Parade
  • Bold King Cole - Felix the Cat

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Ezra “Wahhhh!” Screm Guy “One week!”
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