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Episode: 345

Airdate: Aug 26, 2007  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]





Show Highlights

  • The cast shares the worst (and best) car accidents they've ever seen
  • Chuckles meets a cute female hyena
  • Hugh Manatee impersonates Mickey Mouse… due to his latest boating accident.
  • Mutt and Yappy Fox take a tentative roll call and come across an irritating name - “S@!tpickle”
  • The cast gives a special shout out to audience member Bradhound and Spoiler makes a “HI BRADHOUND!” sign
  • Liesl (almost) flashes the camera
  • The cast discusses classic movies such as “Labyrinth” and movies that will have sequels and remakes in the near future
  • Yappy introduces the “silent but deadly” and spawns the artjam “Yappy in a Diaper”
  • The debut of Hiss. E., Bandit's new chew toy
  • Lilly Voop sings a sexy happy birthday to all the September birthdays
  • Mutt waves his butt at the audience, and Lilly actually likes it
  • Simba plugs “The Party,” a giant private party in Winter Garden, FL, and you aren't invited
  • Wayah's last show - the cast celebrates former channel moderator Wayah's moving to Ohio with a good old fashioned roasting and embarrassing stories from some special call-in guests - his parents!
  • Margarita Otter, a raging alcoholic, stops by the show on her way to Disneyworld to look for her boyfriend Jose Cuervo
  • Margarita has a dance party with music provided by Jimmy Buffet, Prince, Devo, and others, and Ezra barfs up multicolored flowers
  • Wayah has his birthday cake and presents
  • During subservience (Champ), JackRabbit shows how to poledance…
  • Ezra and Crappy Doo sing “The Cute Song” to Margarita and Jerry Springer Spaniel sings Yakko Warner's “Countries of the World” song
  • Yappy has a bad case of copyright infringement- a restaurant/bar steals his image

Art Jam

  • “Yappy in diapers”

Videos Shown

  • Video coverage of “The Party,” including King Elliot playing DDR
  • NeoPanTyger - Don McClean's “American Pie”
  • Pawpet/Fursuit Video: A parody documentary of the “Riak Nuala ritual sacrifice” FIXME creator? @ 2:03:00

"Last Words"

  • Spoiler: “DO IT! Kiss him on the nose! Daaaaaamn!”
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