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Episode: 349

Airdate: Oct 14, 2007  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

The Sub Challenge

You can view the Artjams/Caption Photo/Shout Outs/Quotes for this episode here:

Cast and Staff



  • Brace Bear
  • J.R. Schnauzer (Subservient)

Show Highlights

  • Poink has his birthday chicken, gifts from the audience, and a third testicle
  • Lilly Voop gets a newfangled cell phone which is completely filled with text messages halfway through the show, making “vibrate Lilly's phone” a regular contest
  • Herbie loses his phone on a rollercoaster, but stars in a caption picture that makes for comedic gold along with friends Ricochet, Yurex, and Merko
  • Mutt demands owed money and discovers a moldy coffee cup backstage
  • The cast takes the long-anticipated “Sub Challenge,” a blind taste test of subs from 6 different sandwich places: Blimpies, Subway, Publix, Firehouse, Quiznos, and Jimmy Johns
  • Poink almost breaks the rating telling a story about a close enounter of the weird kind (involving a pregnant woman) he had while buying one of the subs, inspiring a Brian Reynolds artjam
  • The debut of the Swear Jar- the starting rate is a quarter per letter
  • Arthur has a problem with that
  • Mutt declares he is a new swear word, stuffs his head in the jar, gets stuck, and (non-canonically) suffocates
  • A debate follows on what swear words should count
  • Preparing for the next week's special guest- Yippee Coyote
  • The manager of Quiznos thinks the Sub Challenge is serious business and Ezra thinks Mutt is a model sheepdog
  • Discussion of everyone's dream GPS voices, and a friend's TomTom says “Bleft” instead of “Left”
  • Mutt, Ezra, and Poink sing the “Get a mic” song to the tune of the William Tell Oveture
  • Subservient Stewie from Family Guy
  • With help from the audience, the Pawpets play a horror movie trivia game found on the M&Ms website
  • Everyone sends emails of encouragement to audience member Michel Mephit and his mother in the hospital
  • Mutt thinks Yappy Fox produces a poot that, according to him, “smells like delicious pasta,” but it turns out to actually be delicious pasta cooking
  • Liesl submits all the guys to the horrors of “2 Girls, 1 Cup” with predictable results (like the Pink Flamingo Challenge, the video was not shown- only the reaction)
  • The aforementioned video prompts Mutt and Poink to contribute several dollars to the Swear Jar- minutes later, Hugh Manatee hides in the Jar and Mutt (non-canonically) hangs himself
  • Review of various Orlando Halloween events
  • Discussion of Eagle Beagle's “thought-bubbling” and Ezra creates the bloop as a matching sound effect.
  • Discussion of KP's ability to sleep through fire alarms
  • Interview with special guest Ricochet of Radiolawn
  • Poink makes a last minute jibe at Bill Cosby and puts himself in the swear jar to finish off the night

Videos Shown

  • “Fursuiting in London,” a collage put together by Yappy
  • PA Pets- Dr. Bombay's “Taxi Driver”

"Last Words"

  • Ezra (to Poink): “Now I can't drop anything on your head!”
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