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Episode: 350

Airdate: Oct 21, 2007  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Yippee Ka Yay

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  • Terk Wolf (Subservient)
  • Yippee Coyote (Subservient)
  • North (Subservient)
  • KJ
  • Croc

Show Highlights

  • Ezra is attacked by a lizard and the cast recalls what they had for breakfast
  • Poink gets frustrated when Ezra tries and fails to understand the flash drive containing the night's entertainment
  • Eagle Beagle experiences his inaugural blooping and the cast cooks up some gumbo
  • Furniture retailer Bombay Company officially goes out of business, making Ezra cry
  • The special guests arrive a little late due to a mix-up, and Pawpet veteran Jimmy No-Neck is “ferguttin in Texas”
  • The cast looks up obscure conventions, disses Harry Potter, and the audience helps them come up with truly horrible slash fan-fiction ideas
  • Poink and Spoiler make fun of EB's technical blunder at work earlier in the week- EB: “This just in- I hate you.”
  • Mutt reluctantly eats a bouillon cube, suffers, and washes it down with coffee
  • Yappy Fox dicusses a visit by the police to Elliot's party due to a false accusation of underage drinking
  • Continuing the night's spits-or-swallows spree, Mutt and Poink down some squeeze cheese right from the can
  • Review of Michael Bay's Transformers
  • Poink, Spoiler, and Jacques sing “Enormous Penis” by a cappella group Da Vinci's Notebook
  • Mutt does his impression of Pac-Man
  • The audience shares their favorite Halloween candies
  • Special guest Yippee Coyote shows up in an Austin Powers outfit and totally steals the show, later performing to Jimmy Luxury's “Cha Cha Cha”
  • EB annoys Poink for the umpteenth time, and continues to do so throughout the night
  • Discussion of tentative plans for Halloween, and Jar Jar Binks ends up in the Swear Jar
  • Ezra tests out his Jimmy Chin puppet
  • Name That Toon round 3
  • Bill Cosby gets Poink back in an artjam
  • Reading from “The Idiot's Guide to Psychic Awareness”
  • Last minute update on Michel Mephit's mother's condition
  • Poink playfully chimes in on an interview with all the special guests and Kite the fox

Videos Shown

  • Dan Meth's “Dog Video Dating”
  • Flashback to Episode 6, including Yippee's first performance of “Cha Cha Cha” and Kuddlepup performing “Big Trouble” by Trout Fishing in America
  • PA Pets: “Tribute” by Tenacious D
  • Two fursuit videos from Mishi the Cougar
  • Eyewitness News coverage of Anthrocon 2007
  • “JD Puppy Versus Camp Dogs” at Camp Feral
  • “Rose and Friends at Anime Weekend Atlanta”
  • Marko T. Rat's workout routine
  • “Crash the Dog: What's Under Here?”

"Last Words"

Poink: “I'm going to get some *cuts off*”

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