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Episode: 351

Airdate: Oct 28, 2007  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

You Scream I Scream




  • Twinkie (Subservient)
  • Duke Fawks
  • Sibir Lupus
  • Cake (Subservient)
  • The Furloween Bat (Subservient)

Show Highlights

  • Scream Guy hosts the show from Lilly's basement, opening with a wail of “Ohhhh Maaaaaan!” and a bloodcurdling scream
  • Spoiler arrives dressed as an IRS agent, poised to audit, and Puddin' has a witch hat
  • Coverage of Furloween 2007, and Poink gets new glasses that make him look like Elvis Costello
  • Lilly arrives wondering who let everyone in her basement, and Scream Guy plays with her “toys,” picking his eye socket with a screwdriver and sawing off his own head with a powersaw
  • Poink and Lilly are chained together with handcuffs, much to the former's amusement and the latter's misery
  • Scream Guy drinks a bottle of creamer- “I like my coffee with cream, sugar, and DEATH!”
  • Reasons for the telethon show to take place in the next two weeks
  • Poink turns the tables on Lilly when he announces he had Mexican for lunch, and is later assaulted by Mr. Clean while strapped to a giant candy cane
  • Ezra is accidentally killed and brought back to life when touched by Scream Guy
  • Scream Guy gets a thrashing by Lilly, which he enjoys, for dropping something on her face, and pops Eagle Beagle in the face with a flying can of Cheese Wiz
  • The cast dubs over scenes from The Exorcist and a disturbing 70's children's show, “New Zoo Revue”- both dubs later appear on YouTube
  • Scream Guy dances like Michael Flatley, inspiring a Brian Reynolds art jam, and Ezra scoots his butt on the stage
  • The cast, guests, and audience share scary dreams they've had and worst ways to die, Twinkie says the British words of the day, and everyone loves his accent
  • EB is blooped into submission and Poink and Lilly tire out and take a nap on each other
  • Lilly announces the next person to text message her gets a kiss on the mouth, and EB wins, but Poink jumps in the way at the last minute
  • Lilly sings “I Am Woman” by Helen Reddy and Scream Guy dons two Halloween costumes through the night- “Santa Spiderman,” and a cow
  • Special call-in guest The Lizard Rat gives EB a tarot reading for the first time
  • Twinkie Otter does subservience in his fireman Halloween costume, and sticks Twinkies in his ears, later getting into a tickle fight with Duke Fawks
  • Simba, Sibir Lupus, Twinkie, and Liesl try lollipops made of salmiac, a type of licorice covered in ammonium chloride, for spits-or-swallows, and hilarity ensues
  • Poink manages to out-poot Yappy
  • Mutt shows up in the third hour wearing a lion costume and Poink and Lilly make out on stage again
  • Cake and the Furloween Bat later engage in another tickle fight, and the Bat bites Ezra
  • Ezra sings some songs from the Monster Mash album
  • Audience member Lord Skandranon, who makes laser shows, sends in a video of a SeaWorld performance of “The Monster Mash”
  • “Death by Thought Bubble,” an art jam that will become a running joke for the next few months, is sent in by Brian Reynolds
  • Cow makes a short appearance to help sing the closing song

Videos Shown

  • Various scenes from The Exorcist
  • “The Cat With Hands”
  • “Simon's Cat- Wake Up!”
  • “ROFLMAO” by Oxhorn's Short Shorts
  • A pawpet music video from John Wallaby- Natasha Bedingfield's “I Wanna Have Your Babies”
  • Footage from a musical production of “Little Red Riding Hood”
  • G4's “Attack of the Show” segment on the Furries vs. Klingons bowling match
  • “Chicka Boom Chicka Boom” by the Groovy Ghoulies
  • Lord Skan's “Monster Mash” laser show at SeaWorld
  • “Fursuiting in Amsterdam,” the second video collage from the Eurotrip

"Last Words"

  • Ezra: “Happy Halloween!”
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