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Episode: 352

Airdate: Nov 04, 2007  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Pawpets Need Cash

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  • Tank (Subservient)
  • Media Bon Jovi Werewolf Crimson Stripe 9000 (Subservient)
  • Twinkie (Subservient)
  • Stanley
  • Thunder (Subservient)

Show Highlights

  • Lilly Voop opens the show by announcing her love for new underwear, and the cast raids the pantry for goodies that their European friends left behind
  • Mutt chugs a Full Throttle
  • Everyone shares how they've been sick for the week, and Mutt and Lilly learn that mead and medication don't mix
  • Preparing for the much needed telethon to take place the next week, the money going towards new equipment and licensing fees
  • Mutt gleeks (involuntarily projects saliva) on Lilly
  • Discussion of the nagging possibility of the very last show, and Lilly needs the brain bleach for what's on Yappy's hard drive
  • The cast agrees to diaper Eagle Beagle on the New Year's Eve show if they raise $6000!- Donations open and start coming in right away
  • EB tells the story of how he saved his news station from certain doom, and moving the show back to 5:00 PM Eastern is proposed
  • Ezra and Mutt have a dogfight to generate drama and attract more viewers
  • Reviews of movies like Spider-Man 3, Saw 4, the Pixar shorts collection, and HD DVD versus Blu-Ray
  • Audience member Rose announces artwork commissions for the fundraiser, donating the funds to the show
  • Pawpet veteran Rasvar calls in to check if his donation went through PayPal correctly
  • Mutt swoons over Twinkie's accent again and waves his butt in front of the camera due to popular demand
  • Spider shares an accident he had involving an electric hedge trimmer, and everybody but Yappy farts at the same time
  • Big news: The McRib returns, prompting a discussion of favorite fast foods
  • Flashback to Halloween 2002, otherwise known as “The Sinkhole Show,” where the cast pretended the entire night that a sinkhole was forming outside Yappy's house, swallowing it up by the end
  • Twinkie Otter acts lewd and interrupts Tank, Media, and Thunder's subservient segment
  • Anticipating the death of the show, Scream Guy makes a short appearance
  • Headless naked Barbie learns to helicopter with her legs, and Cow provides tech support for Yappy: “Double click moo.”
  • In the wake of the success of “New Zoo Revue,” the cast dubs over a Care Bears episode
  • By the end of the night, the donation total reaches $3560 before the telethon even starts

Videos Shown

  • Footage from MFM 11's “Xtreme Musical Chairs”
  • The last half hour or so of “The Sinkhole Show”
  • Care Bears cartoon

"Last Words"

Ezra: “Stop obsessing about underwear!”

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