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Episode: 377

Airdate: Jun 08, 2008  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

The Manergy Crisis




  • Jouva
  • Towyn (Subservient)
  • Kio (Subservient)

Show Highlights

  • During peak oil prices, to emphasize the energy crisis, the cast cuts the budget and opens the show with paper bag hand puppets and a no-budget stage sign.
  • Yappy Fox plays various streaming music stations, including “DeeGay Radio”
  • Paper-Ezra disintegrates rapidly…
  • To honor the passing of Fred Baur, inventor of the Pringles can, several cans of Pringles are devoured over four hours
  • Ezra… or somebody… posts to his livejournal.
  • Hugh Manatee performs the timewarp!
  • Fox McCloud calls in and talks about AC
  • Rick Roll by Chocolate Rain Guy
  • Movie-Talk: Kung Fu Panda
  • Yappy Fox discusses how he wants to get a scooter or bike to save on fuel costs.
  • Some talk about economics and politics!

Videos shown

  • The cheese incident
  • Rick Roll by Chocolate Rain Guy
  • Music video: FIXME title @ 58:00
  • FIXME what? @ 1:00:30
  • FIXME what? @ 1:02:10
  • Pawpet Music Video: What hurts the most - PA Pets
  • Simon's Cat: Let me in
  • Pencil Animation: I'm havin' a party (FIXME real title @ 1:11:30)
  • Music video: FIXME title @ 2:14:45
  • Silly string attack - SigmaWolf
  • Hugo, the cat of 1000 faces, Episode I
  • Hugo, the cat of 1000 faces, Episode II
  • Hugo, Star Wars special (Episode III)
  • Fursuiting party video FIXME title @ 3:50:00

Ass beating hour

  • Poink ruins a lamp that was used to keep a water pump from freezing
  • Poink ruins a bike tire with an electric compressor

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Ezra “I never wanna see a Pringle again!”
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