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Episode: 382

Airdate: Jul 20, 2008  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]





  • Schadenfreude (Subservient)
  • FIXME name? @ 2:56:00 (Subservient)

Show Highlights

  • The show opens with a jar of majo on the stage
  • …after the “Testicular cancer” PSAs, the cast “checks”
  • Poink makes Blueberry wonder what a naked Ronald McDonald would look like… and she's mad!
  • Ezra wants to give Audrey a makeover
  • An excursion to YouTube ends up with Yappy Fox finding x-tube
  • After a song performance, Audrey is naked
  • Movie-Talk: The Dark Knight
  • Poink gets helping hands!
  • …which leads to “subservient Poink's hands”
  • The “Addams Family” theme song gets a bit “out of hand”
  • Yappy Fox realizes he has a file called “Kagecock” on his computer
  • Silend Movie Pawpets!
  • The cast sings to techno music

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Caption: Big faced fox

Videos shown

  • Hogan's heros: Jell-o commercial
  • FIXME title @ 19:00 dance/variety act including JD Puppy,… hosted by KuddlePup
  • FIXME title @ 26:00 anime video mesh up to “Frozen”
  • “Be a man, self exam” PSA with skates…
  • “Be a man, self exam” PSA with doctor explaining…
  • McDonalds commercial… featuring a Klingon warrior
  • “I am Man!” Burger King commercial
  • PuppetKaraoke… FIXME title @ 56:00
  • Dragonfire commercial
  • Crispy Critters commercial
  • FIXME title @ 1:01:00 (cereal commercial)
  • Old Cap'n Crunch commercials
  • Kool-Aid commercials
  • Tang commercial
  • Pretty Donkey
  • Jell-o Pudding Pops commercials
  • Rube Goldberg machine
  • Pool Billards + Dominos
  • Rube Goldberg machine
  • Uncle Kage Story Hour - Hitchcock intro

Ass beating hour

  • Ferros FIXME sp? ate butter
  • Hondo pushed his brother through a window
  • Lilly Voop dropped a glass of spaghetti sauce… and got two for one as her sister cut her foot on a piece of glass
  • Poink hid a box of cereal in a coffee maker

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Ezra “They need a new coney island!”
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