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Episode: 383

Airdate: Jul 27, 2008  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Christmas in July 2008

A.k.a: “Holy Jingle Crap” and “XXX-mas in July 2008”



Show Highlights

  • The sloppy show sign from Episode 377 is re-used
  • Poink enters the stage with his Santa hat pulled down to waist line and everybody else joins in
  • Herbie just got his bike the day before
  • A line is put up on the stage to keep Poink on his side of the stage…
  • …inspiring a Pong game and Yappy Fox to tie up Poink with packing tape and stick him to the stage.
  • Liesl gets bound up next… and enjoys it until Yappy Fox suggests electrical stimulation…
  • …but her mind changes quickly as Yappy Fox brings out the massage device from Episode 336
  • White elephant gift exchange: There are ony three gifts this time. Liesl: Earnie doll, Poink: Lightbulb, KuddlePup: dog-massager
  • Poink gets a massage…
  • …and JackRabbit joins in atop of Liesl.
  • Yappy Fox switches to caption picture as he's getting his massage from Liesl
  • Liesl got some Dr.Who stuff
  • Movie Talk: The dark knight, Jurney to the center of the earth
  • Lilly Voop loves Indiana Jones… for the whip!
  • Impromptu a capella performance of “Santa Baby” by Lilly Voop and the gang
  • …which ends up in other songs, including “row your boat”…
  • …and end up in Hugh Manatee singing the roll call
  • The cast goes “aawwwww” in unison as Yappy Fox mentions that he was a cub-scout
  • The pinewood derby cars take a turn onto memory lane…
  • …and Ezra wants to turn it into an event at MegaPlex

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Caption: A group of hounds with a fox hiding amongst them…
  • …changed to: A beagle looking out through an acrylic bubble in a fence
  • Pawpet Christmas presents

Videos shown

  • It's called epMotion - music video/commercial
  • SeaWorld: Manatee rescue commercial
  • CompUSA commercial (cut short)
  • Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer (FIXME language?)
  • WIP: Lollipop animation preview by Snapai
  • FIXME title @ 1:35:00
  • The price is right clip
  • Burger King commercials
  • Batman and Robin meet Col. Klink
  • Dominik the Donkey
  • I want a hippopotamus for Christmas
  • PES: Western Spaghetti
  • PES: Nuclear Attack
  • PES: Skateboarding
  • Burger Chef animated commercial
  • Guitar Player FIXME title @ 3:47:00

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Hugh “NOOOOOOOOO…”
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