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Episode: 384

Airdate: Aug 03, 2008  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]





  • Jouva
  • Steve (Subservient)
  • FIXME who?

Show Highlights

  • Food habits are discussed
  • Lilly Voop finds some interesting stuff backstage.
  • The cast wonders about who is older
  • Anonymous ferret performs to “MC Hawking” song FIXME title @ 34:00 while Poink and Crappy Doo headbang to it
  • Spits or swallows: Cheesburger in a can
  • Ezra and Jouva play Acrophobia with the cast and the channel
  • Hugh Manatee tea-bags Liesl… literally!
  • Steve the fox gets interviewed by Ezra and Hugh Manatee
  • …who tore off a wing of a plane on his first flight.
  • During talk about conventions, Yappy Fox mentions that his other roommate for EF is going to be Num8… See Episode 407
  • SeanWolf offers to pay Liesl 1000$ if she sings Dragula by Rob Zombie
  • The entire cast sings “Fly me to the moon”
  • Fart-alert!

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Pawpet Geeks

Videos shown

  • Crazy Frog: Axel F
  • McDonalds 24 hours commercial
  • WIP intro - Snapai
  • PES Fireworks
  • Foxes, know your limits!
  • TLK with Star Wars soundtrack
  • Commercial? FIXME @ 2:24:00
  • PES: game over
  • Music Video: FIXME title? @ 2:27:30
  • Pawpet Music Video: Bitchin' Camaro - Southpaw Video Productions
  • Pawpet Music Video: Wasting my Life - Southpaw Video Productions
  • animated music video FIXME title @ 2:37:00

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Ezra “GOODNIGHT”
  • Hugh *pfffrt*
Gray fox from the UK
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