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Episode: 393

Airdate: Oct 26, 2008  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Halloween 2008




  • Ruric FIXME sp? (Subservient)
  • FIXME name? @ 2:06:00
  • Jesper Ferret / Drone / Kellogg FIXME ???

Show Highlights

  • The show starts off with Atkelar's “The Raven” due to lack of cast.
  • Pumpkin on Pumpkin action!
  • Lilly Voop pokes her butt at the camera… but her request to “kiss it” doesn't yield the expected result!
  • The cast performs “This is Halloween!”
  • Bandit noms a green pumpkin decoration that KuddlePup brought in
  • Weird phobias… or philias…?
  • Ezra tells us about the incident 2 Gryphon had at FIXME con? in the UK.
  • The cast discusses favorite and not-so favorite Halloween candies
  • We learn that balancing milkbones on his nose is the only thing that Bandit will sit still for
  • Liesl gets a chance to reverse the peep challange!
  • Fart alert! JackRabbit farts Yappy Fox out of the room.
  • Coffee tastes/smells are discussed and compared.
  • FIXME name? gets interviewed
  • Mach calls in to complain about the techno music and to plug Furloween
  • Eagle Beagle calls in and is greeted by the goodnight song…

Videos shown

  • “The Raven” - Atkelar
  • Magic Time with the magic tiger
  • Pizza Hut commercial
  • Woolworth and Woolco commercial
  • Pepsi monster commercial
  • Dinkin' Donuts commercial
  • McDonalds commercial
  • Count Chocula commercial
  • Frankenberry commercial
  • Mini-Monsters (cereal) commercial
  • Monster Pringles commercial (German)
  • Candid Camera… the special “hot dog”
  • Still the One (abc)
  • Furries on American Dad (“vroom vroom!”)
  • Dancing puppy
  • Old Tootsie Roll commercial

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Ezra “We managed to get Bloop not to talk!”
  • Lilly “I know, right!”
  • Hugh “I just… I just far…”
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