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Episode: 395

Airdate: Nov 09, 2008  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Pawpet Idol




Show Highlights

  • Yappy updated the stage, with the emphasis being on “up” - Lilly has trouble getting up and is afraid of the ceiling fan.
  • Ezra has a new body! …and ponders selling his old body.
  • Hugh Manatee gets cow-tipped while beebling to “Sweet Caroline”.
  • Yma Sumac tribute
  • Poink has an ass-burning story
  • The cast ponders ways of how to play a kazoo
  • Yappy plays the harmonica and Simba a PVC-didgeridoo
  • The Beebling PoinkCast is played and the cast tries to beeble Hugh Manatee.
  • Old and new Ezra make a brief side-by-side appearance

Videos shown

  • Yma Sumac gets furious and leaves the stage + various others of her performances
  • Sneezing Peacock intro
  • Japanese fursuit dance video showing two cats with giant heads
  • Bender's take on video piracy: Downloading Often Is Terrible - D.O.I.T. for short
  • 8-bit video game inspired music video
  • Cat Staff Meeting
  • Whacky action adventure animation “Lupin” to “This is the life”
  • Stop motion on the citchen counter, bringing an orange to life
  • Machgirl
  • “Puppy Dog”
  • A guy singing with himself, performing famous tunes a cappella
  • A film with the bad scenes cut out
  • Jerry's Disco commercial
  • A how to do the Hustle video
  • Electric Slide Steps
  • cha cha slide
  • Yellow pages ad
  • Glow in the dark condom ad
  • Amy G and her Kazoo
  • Classical Kazoo Choir
  • KazooKeylele

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Hugh beebles
  • Simba shoots looks at Hugh
  • Ezra “The HELL?”
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