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Episode: 400

Airdate: Dec 21, 2008  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

The Mutt Who Came For Christmas

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Show Highlights

  • The return of Eagle Beagle!
  • Simba saves Christmas! After Yappy's virtual server (the one with the pawpet IRC) ran out of virtual memory as the show began, Simba fixed the problem within 15 minutes from his New Jersey lair
  • JackRabbit got asked by Santa to sit on his lap!
  • JackRabbit got a new haircut… and Poink nibbles on his headphones.
  • Hugh Manatee goes up to the roof to check if Santa has arrived… but all he finds are dead reindeer…
  • …which is of course done by Scream Guy - who poses as Santa: with a santa hat stapled to his forehead.
  • The return of the Mutt! He crawled in all the way from Tasters - where he was left after MegaPlex. This is his first regular show since Episode 373.
  • Mutt tries to be a ventriloquist using Carrot after seeing Jeff Dunham
  • White Elephant Gift Exchange: Eagle Beagle - Paint-your-own-moneyboxes, JackRabbit - Penguin-Hat, KuddlePup - FWA Playing Cards, Yappy - American Rabbit DVD, Herbie - Steals DVD, Yappy - GPS unit
  • Yappy Fox opens his real Christmas gift: Fox Statue
  • Jaeger on Matt's Beer Run 1049DX announces the show on the air.
  • Yappy Fox tells about how he got the bar that was using his character as a logo to end it
  • Against all hopes, Yappy Fox finds and plays “Dominick The Donkey” again.
  • Yappy transforms the home page into a wiki

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Pawpet putting up Christmas lights
  • Simba fixing the internet
  • Caption: FedEx truck hanging over a wall

Videos shown

  • Pawpet Music Video: Boogie Woogie Santa Claus - PA Pets
  • Jeff Dunham: Achmed as Santa Claus
  • Excerpt of “The adventures of American Rabbit”
  • Snow and parking garage - BungeeSkunk
  • Christmas Movie Trailer 2008 - Atkelar
  • Chiristmas Chocolate Bunny Death - Atkelar
  • FIXME title @ 2:16:00
  • Pawpet Music Video: FIXME title @ 2:17:00 - Bassman
  • Sandoz - Christmas video
  • Pawpet Music Video - Snow is falling - Michael
  • Pawpet Music Video - Jingle Pells - PA Pets
  • Bucktown Tiger: FIXME title @ 2:28:00
  • Pawpet Music Video - We three kings - PA Pets
  • Music Video: FICME title? @ 2:34:00
  • Music Video: FICME title? @ 2:35:00
  • Animated video: Seasons Greetings from cbs
  • TV Funhouse: Charly Brown christmas
  • Pawpwet Music Video: Winter Wonderland - PPNC
  • Pawpwet Music Video: What's it to ya? - PPNC
  • FIXME real title? Jiló @ 2:48:00
  • Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer sung by the California Raisins
  • Dominick the Donkey

"Last Words"

  • Ezra: “There ya go!” after finishing the 12 pains of Christmas
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