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Episode: 404

Airdate: Jan 18, 2009  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Sanity Not Found (aka The Pawpet Reality Tour)




  • Minstral (Subservient)
  • Gaz_A (Subservient)
  • Emejn (Subservient - Splenda)
  • Sawblade5

Show Highlights

  • The backstage sign - put up in Episode 397 - is gone again.
  • Liesl returns!
  • Mutt reads the package of the kangaroo scrotum bag… and says goodnight.
  • Yappy Fox gives us a tour of the pawpet studio… and sits on Audrey
  • Yappy shows some pictures of his childhood.
  • Prom night memories
  • Mutt and Liesl say that there's no Google at work! No. Especially not about New York hot dogs1)
  • Mutt tells us that he was in his High School band…
  • Pawpets explore Google street views
  • Mutt is so bright his face disappears…
  • Waterlanding in Hudson River
  • Mutt's bike won't start anymore… he touched it!
  • Reluctant fairwell to Ricardo Montaban and Patrick McGoohan who died on the same day the previous week.
  • Emejn gets interviewed about vaginas on british television
  • Mutt discusses Popeye's and Bluto's sons parentage in “Popeye and Son”
  • As a tribute to the show Number, the Wiki page to get to the program is disabled temporarily. GarrisonSkunk, not getting the joke, repairs it.
  • Ezra and Mutt engage in a pee war.
  • The goodnight song is sung with Squirtles and Jigglypuffs

Videos shown

  • News report about the waterlanding in Hudson River
  • “Live” footage of the waterlanding in Hudson River
  • “durex get it on” commercial
  • opening credits for “Bosom Buddies”
  • a montage of “Prisoner” clips set to “When We Was Fab”
  • Montaban's Chysler Cordova ad
  • Original “Star Trek II” trailer
  • a boy who literally doesnt blink for twenty seconds sells a drive in theatre toy
  • Chinese Popeye pops up in the middle of an actual Bruce Lee film
  • a video montage of viral video clips set to “Robot Rock”
  • Cleveland Brown visits the “Price is Right” Plinko board
  • the opening credits to “Popeye & Son”
  • FIXME title @ 2:49:00 - Hippo and dog with “farting” balloons
  • Bob Barker and the odd first Showcase Showdown Wheel

"Last Words" (and Actions)

he doesn't want to get into trouble for Googling “Hot Weinies” at Disney.
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