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Episode: 412

Airdate: Apr 05, 2009  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Network won't work

See also: Quotes.

Cast and Staff



Show Highlights

  • Hugh and Poink are acctually behind the stage tonight.
  • Hugh amd KuddlePup has a tough time connecting to the show's WiFi network.
  • Yappy Fox gets Skype for his iPhone… and can use it to make phone calls now!
  • Ezra brings up a TV-show that showed purification pills for dirty water and tries to “sell them” as a show activity. The term “Pink Flamingo Purification Challenge” came to mind.
  • KP Sneezes and pops several speakers and eardrums.
  • The cast discusses what food they have eaten straight out of the container.
  • Yappy Fox tries to make a cake out of ingredients found in his kitchen… Quote: “now… is there a substitute for egg?”
  • Traffic tickets are compared.
  • The cast discusses cereals and what they liked about them.
  • Poink tries to get tech support for an e-mail issue…
  • Ezra dances and the rest joins in FIXME Song title? @ 2:19:00
  • The cast does the Bumblebee Tuna
  • KuddlePup, Yappy Fox, JackRabbit sing the roll call to elevator music.
  • Yappy Fox announces that an ad-free UStream would have cost 440 USD so far… a bit over three hours in.
  • The cast wonders about what Falco sings about in “Der Komissar”
  • Near the end of the show Yappy sees the middle of the show on the ustream monitor… about 2 hours of lag.

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Pawpets as Football players

Videos shown

  • Music Video: “Everybody needs a Ninja”
  • “Start slow and smooth” BP commercial from 1973
  • TorFur Bowling by BungeeSkunk
  • TorFur Party by BungeeSkunk
  • The Pinata Incident
  • Fursuit Rodeo: Red light, Green light
  • Japanese Commercial staring Sean Connery and a rabbit for Yogurt
  • Boot camp for “Mousetrap” mice.
  • “What is nano-technology” puppet song video.
  • Coke Zero commercial with drive in cinema.
  • “Hey Babe, you wanna boogie” geezer puppets
  • Video mesh up - FIXME song title missing FIXME @ 2:05:00
  • UK ad for Cajun Squirrel flavored potato crisps featuring a group of Squirrel fursuits.
  • Kodak Flash-Cube commercial
  • Cooking up Trouble - Muffin making animation
  • Music Video: Village People - In the Navy
  • “Looking Good Together” karaoke and visiting family (CBS commercial)
  • Guess that Theme song Original link here
  • Excerpt: “Falco: Der Kommissar”

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Ezra (to Hugh) “Start laying colored eggs!”
  • Hugh “Jiggly!”
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