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Episode: 413

Airdate: Apr 12, 2009  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Easter 2009, AKA "The Screaming Streaming Failure"

Several long lasting stream outages cause most of the live show to be lost to the audience: there was a (roughly) 5 minute failure during the first half, a 30 minute failure during the third/fourth hour and one again at the end of the show.

Although Yappy Fox mentioned that the show would not be available for download, he later in channel confirmed that he meant “no auto upload” - i.e. it would take longer to upload.




  • TheSonicGod
  • Cessna
  • Leon
  • Chicken - a.k.a. Cock Of Justice (Subservient)
  • Xavakin (Subservient)
  • Onai (Subservient)

Show Highlights

  • Forest enters the stage with easter eggs. (Extree…extree….get it? Don't worry, no one else got it ether.)
  • Hugh Manatee is wearing his pink bunny mask.
  • Someone in channel asks if Liesl has ever 'driven dirty' (driving with an illegal substance in her car). She indicates that she hasn't done that….although she HAS driven 'almost naked'. Poink's brain immediatly starts to melt.
  • Scream Guy kills the show by touching the show title… he also kills Mutt's chances for offspring by touching him “there”…
  • Mutt and Liesl are cooking in the kitchen… lots of innuendo - including Liesl and Mutt disappearing behind the counter and Mutt making licking noises. Mutt tries to understand the brownie box instructions. He seems to understand the 50 strokes and the squeezing fudge parts.
  • Herbie gets up from behind the kitchen counter because he thinks the show is off the air, completely forgetting the download.
  • Scream Guy gets a lesson in how to tell a boy-fox from a girl-fox.
  • Mutt sees the video for “I am the Walrus” for the first time. Mutt: “Is this really the Beatles? They suck!” Poink realizes the song is the worlds first Twitter. Ezra: “Where were you at 3:00 this afternoon?” Sitting in an English Garden waiting for the sun. Ezra: “Who are you?” I am the eggman. Ezra: “Who are they?” I am the eggman. Ezra: “Who the hell are you?” I am the Walrus!
  • Ezra noms on Scream Guy - he is made of bones anyway.
  • Yappy Fox has some problems playing some of the videos so Mutt reads out the Video Submissions and tries to understand the guidelines.
  • Mutt noms on the stage sign.
  • Mutt tries to prove to Momma_Bridget that he's a boy dog and not a girl dog.
  • Crappy Doo talks with Löwenbräu voice - but only for a moment.
  • Yappy Fox brings up the “Racial Slur Database”
  • Stream outage prevents the audence from seeing about 45 minutes of the show live.

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Cooking with Pawpets
  • Easter
  • Lisel driving 'almost naked'

Videos shown

  • Numa Numa Guy with Gecko
  • Two talking cats (original and with Gecko)
  • Gecko on an Accordion
  • Psycho Teddy
  • Bunny Death: Cannon + Blow Torch - FIXME who? @36:00
  • Bunny Death: Lava Lamp Lapse - FIXME who? @ 43:00
  • Bunny Death: BBQ-Pit fire - Hobbes + Chilly
  • Bunny Death: Shooting range - JankoFox & WhiskeyFoxtrot
  • Bunny Death: Discworld Version - Atkelar
  • Bunny Death: Carney Version - Bassman
  • Bunny Death: Fire - Xavious Wolffe
  • Bunny Death: Subway - Chris Liang
  • Chocolate Easter Egg commercial
  • Bunny Death: Tennis/Stomping - Tac
  • Fail Toys: Easter Fail
  • Fail Toys: Peep-Fail
  • Bunny Death: Nude Bunny Blend - BungeeSkunk
  • Bunny Death: Hot water bath - FIXME who? 2:32:00
  • Music Video: I Am The Walrus - Beatles
  • “I'm on a boat” - The Lonely Island (ft. T-Pain)
  • Bunny Death: Various deaths… including: blow torch, blender, speaker, lawn mower… - FIXME who? @ 2:45:00
  • The IT-Crowd: new emergency hotline

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • …on Live Stream: Boogie Boogie Hedgehog before the stream died for the night.
  • …on Replay Stream: Ezra “Thank you, Mutt!” - Poink “Boogie Nights!” - FIXME ? “Bye!”
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