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Episode: 414

Airdate: Apr 19, 2009  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

A small step for Yappy, one giant poot for NASA

A large portion of the show hinges around Yappy Fox's visit to NASA.



Ezra's Word of the Week



  • Michel Mephit
  • FIXME who? @ 1:55:00
  • “Carrot Top” / “The Foot” / “The Hand”
  • Tabberpaw (Subservient)

Show Highlights

  • Show starts with Rummage singing “All by myself”
  • Ezra and Hugh Manatee are annoyed by Rummage singing “All by myself”
  • Hugh Manatee suggests “Balls or Boobs?” as a name for a new segment suggested by Ezra where you would have to guess whether a man or a woman is singing the song…
  • Hugh Manatee gets vibrated by Kuddlepup's new foot massager.
  • Poink farts and Ezra flees… Poink sings “All by myself”
  • Ezra tries to sing the Canadian anthem and settles for dancing.
  • Poink “translates” the french version of the Canadian anthem back to English.
  • The cast compares different “national” superheros.
  • The foot massager causes some innuendo under the stage.
  • Yappy Fox shows several pictures taken at NASA.
  • Poink and Hugh Manatee interview the guests. FIXME names? @ 1:55:00
  • Ezra scares the viewers with a prank ghost video, causing several pants to be spoiled… some among the rest of the cast and guests.
  • Yappy Fox plays several songs with the word “blue” in the title for Tabberpaw (light blue Husky)
  • Tabberpaw answers the door for the pizza guy.
  • Yappy Fox flips the screen upside down and Hugh Manatee and Ezra play upside down for a while. This might be one of the few if not only times we saw Ezra in a full-body-manner and not dancing.
  • NASA's “Maximum Absorbent Garment” is discussed in detail.
  • “Technical Difficulties” image is shown close to show end.
  • Bertha makes a brief re-appearance: but her face is deteriorating. Only the lips were left this time.

Caption Picture Description

  • Two japanese actors, dressed up as magnets…

Videos shown

  • Music video: All by myself (excerpt)
  • ISS Space Toilet “sucks again”
  • Mascot beating… set to Rammstein's “Du hast”
  • Catyawning
  • Taco commercial
  • Tröeges Beer commercial… Boobs + Burps + Poots
  • Trailer for “Everyone Poops - The Movie”
  • Music Video: “Free as a Bird” (cut short)
  • Red sky potato chips commercial
  • Red squirrel showing off to “Mission Impossible” theme
  • Peep Death: Peeps vs. car engine
  • Pantry door opening on its own
  • Ghost outside a door
  • Crying ghost
  • Ghost prank video
  • 2:51:00 FIXME weird music video…?

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Hugh “AAAHHH!” (while jumping off the stage)
  • Ezra “I'm getting a toxic cloud catcher!”
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