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Episode: 418

Airdate: May 24, 2009  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Return of the Prodigal Shark, Ferret, Vixen and Rasvar

Ezra (Kuddlepup) is missing due to being in Texas, helping his Mum pick out bathroom tile.




  • Flipper
  • Apollo
  • Rasvar
  • Anubi (Subservient)

Show Highlights

  • Show starts off with the Seal of disapproval ork'ing at Poink in an obvious display of foresight.
  • Flipper, the show's guest, prompts pondering over ancient TV-shows and movie series.
  • Somehow the conversation homes in on Dolphin “thingies” within the first 15 minutes…
  • …which leads to talk about “exotic food”
  • Scritch wants to be called “Stitch” now… because he's falling apart at the seam.
  • Poink sings to some of Elvis' tunes
  • Garrison helps Yappy identify his earworm of the week - Paul McCartney & Wings's “Coming Up”.
  • The possible playlist for the upcoming “420” show is discussed.
  • Mutt does a call-in
  • Poink says that Rasvar sucks and that he's happy that he is that far away… which leads to Rasvar clobbering Poink.
  • Lilly Voop makes a re-appearance
  • Lilly Voop, Hugh Manatee, Poink, Flipper play their earworms of the week
  • The Star Trek movie is discussed.
  • Shak makes a re-appearance
  • Yappy Fox realizes that the entire cast on screen smells like fish… Flipper, Hugh Manatee, Shak and… Lilly Voop?!
  • Hugh Manatee discovers that - with his goodyear stickers - he looks like the pope from behind: Pope-Hugh-Manatee.
  • Rasvar being chased by the subservient Anubi… creepy. Funny but creepy.
  • Liesl reads the roll call and nobody notices that the stage is empty for the entire time
  • Someone in channel thinks Rasvar and Terry are the same person, so we get a direct comparison.

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Caption: A child feeding a roo that is currently… ummm… busy.
  • Dolphin
  • Bad roads
  • Civil war reconstruction was neither civil nor constructive DISCCUS

Videos shown

  • Music Video: Coming Up - Paul McCartney (who plays all but two of the band members)
  • Beatles cartoon
  • “Paperback Writer” video
  • Mattel - toy gun commercial
  • Animated Cough Drops commercial featuring a hunter
  • Zoologist as part of a lion pride
  • Once upon a girl - Trailer
  • Corn Pops commercial
  • Rice criepies commercial
  • Poink's death from Episode 165 with the original audio
  • “Mouse”
  • Prismo hosts the Mach vs. Wingdancer dash in front of Yappy Fox's house
  • WildWolf on ice… at a hockey game
  • Mascots at a basketball game
  • Japanese commercial featuring a squirrel
  • NBCSee Us
  • Surprise party commercial
  • Special K commercial
  • Rotodraw commercial
  • Musical Drive Through order
  • Reese's Pieces commercial
  • Loop-a-lot FIXME (name correct @ 3:20:30)) commercial
  • Funny Bones commercial
  • Kellogs commercial
  • FIXME (strange commecial for tapes, maybe? @ 3:24:30)
  • Car cleaning product commercial
  • “Make Room For Granddaddy” teaser - a sequel to his 50s sitcom “Make Room For Daddy”.
  • Anti smoking ad
  • Strange ready-to-eat dinner commercial FIXME real title @ 3:38:00

Nut shots of the week

  • Brother + Sister + Baseball bat
  • Propane tank + Plank + Blindfolded friend
  • Guitar Hero with a kick

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Rasvar “One last time!” - Hugh “Not meeeee!”
Who else?
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