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Episode: 423

Airdate: Jul 19, 2009  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

No sex please, we're british! (aka "Two British Guys, A Girl, and a Pawpet Place")




  • Chillymouse
  • Sparks
  • Emjin
  • Minstrel (Subservient)
  • Edmund (Subservient)
  • Mrs. Chink (don't ask - Red Panda)

Show Highlights

  • Megaplex preparations are dsicussed (Yappy Fox got 600lbs of glassware in his mailbox)
  • Ezra goes “wikiwikiwikiwikiwiki” for the first time! And Poink and YinYang are speechless.
  • Ezra jumps the shark
  • Poink suggests bying two monorail sets at the Disney toystore to re-enact the accident…
  • Music industry lawsuits over “used” lyrics/music are discussed
  • “Learn German” audio bit.
  • Sparks runs out into the rain and returns soaking wet… leading to this art-jam by Yamavu.
  • Discussion about penis jokes in “ice age 3” and fart jokes in the “G-Force” trailer lead to lots of innuendo
  • Poink doesn't know about “Rap Chop”… which leads to this art-jam by Karpour.
  • A video is running wild backstage, but even Yappy wouldn't show it.
  • Popup-Ferrets on stage
  • Ezra has movable paws and does a swedish chef impression
  • Red “insult” Panda causes the closing credit song to be played early.
  • Ezra puts a Euro in the swear jar for asking about the Panda
  • The Cast is Stunned. For the first time in Pawpet history, Yappy censors out a segment from the weekly download.

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Caption picture: Fudgy, turning over a motocross bike
  • Art-Jam: Pawpets as letter people

Videos shown

  • Music Video: Stuck with You - Huey Lewis
  • Music Video: The Heart Of Rock & Roll - Huey Lewis
  • IT-Crowd: emergency 0118 999 881 999 119 725…3
  • Russian alphabet song
  • Gay alphabet
  • Music Video: Skipper Dan - Weird Al
  • Music Video: Stacy's mom
  • “Hot dog” (Wiener Dog) carries fireworks…
  • Herpex
  • How to treat a woman
  • Flash-Mob: jumping into fish-tank @ Bass Pro Shops
  • Extreme Shepherding
  • Guy hiding in a porta-potty scares people
  • Rap Chop
  • Bacon & Egg ice cream recipe
  • Star Trek video mesh up to “I wanna hold your hand”
  • Elmo getting a ticket
  • Cattanooga Cats - intro
  • AC 09 - Dex + Vega in “Malfunction”
  • Skunk + floating box
  • Cat-Tex sole commercial
  • Colorful bunnies in stop-motion: Sony commercial
  • Energy efficient A/C commerciel: Bunny talking to guy
  • Red house furniture commercial
  • “Woman are stupid…”
  • “The power of cheese” commercial - with imaginary friend getting pissed.
  • The magic cow commercial
  • Things we don't need robots for - breast massager
  • Walter Cronkike commercial for ham radio
  • Monorail sequence from “The Simpsons”

Nutshots of the week

  • Skateboard/handrail
  • Kick from behind
  • Workout (revenge for hair dryer)
  • Shoe + Guitar-Hero

"Last Words" (and Actions)

Censored download version:

  • Poink “It's the living room, no it's…” (last visual being Mrs. Chink)

Original live version:

  • Poink “Woah! That shouldn't…” (cut off early)
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