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Episode: 425

Airdate: Aug 09, 2009  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

The all nude cast show

Subtitle: the nude bomb




  • Fuji (credited as “Foooooofi”)

Show Highlights

  • Show starts with Yappy Fox adjusting the camera and saying “Welcome to the all-nude-cast show!”
  • Ezra puts away his glasses for the “all nude” show and can't find them again later…
  • Poink reiterates his experience in the slammer…
  • Hugh Manatee points out a site that shows at what time in a movie it would be good to take a bathroom break:
  • Ezra talks about his upcoming trip to Eurofurence.
  • Yappy Fox pops up a notice “UNUSABLE VIDEO AREA for USTREAM ADS”
  • Yappy Fox has bought “almost beef” hamburger patties and the cast is trying them in a “spits or swallows” kind.
  • Ezra explains Twitter to Hugh Manatee - after discussing the recent DDoS attack that happened.
  • The cast sings… errr… tries to… sing to “Mr. Roboto” - which isn't the techno remix Yappy Fox was looking for.
  • Yappy Fox discovers “Music to fart by”.
  • After Yappy Fox examines KuddlePup's iPod, JackRabbit takes a turn at Yappy Fox's iTunes collection…
  • Sheep with numbers on them jump over the stage: 1…2…3…4…zzzzzz
  • JackRabbit tells about the last MegaPlex meeting… “blababla…snooze…blablabla…snooze…” prompting the…
  • …return of sheep with numbers on…1…2…3…zzzzzzzzz…241…WHAT?!
  • The art-jams have a continuation of a Kipper drawing… since Poink was in jail, this picture gets continues with this one but the staff didn't get it at first.
  • Cast discusses old cars and dream cars

Spits or swallows

  • JR: “It's crap… I'll eat it, but it's crap!”
  • KP: “…last one of the school burgers!”

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Poink in Jail

Videos shown

  • Human Domino Chain
  • TF2 Scout advertises the Slap Chop -
  • Dancing bear with a Guitar (Howie Heart - I'm so in love)
  • Fantastic Mr Fox movie trailer
  • Dancers to “12 Days of Christmas”
  • Dog driving a car Carfax Commercials
  • Mr. Terrific intro
  • My Mother the car intro
  • Star Wars sequences to the McGyver theme
  • “Elektronic” - Zlad
  • 2 1/2 Watchmen
  • AT & T commercial
  • Japanese “breadsticks” commercial
  • Vampire Playgirls - preview
  • Dr. Tran: “Fruit Hat”
  • “The Nude Bomb” trailer
  • Animated japanese commercial for Contact cold medication
  • “Mermaid corpse” training for cats
  • Animated music video FIXME Title needed (may be “have you seen my sister”) @ 1:28:00
  • Catcerto (Cat “playing” a piano with a concert done to it)
  • French animation again FIXME same as in Episode 424
  • Wonderdog interview - and barked song
  • Billy Brown music to stills from “Ratattoui”
  • “Weasel in disguise” video from AC
  • Telephone call video, resulting in body hair discussion
  • Mascot driving school in Ford Mustang
  • The curse of Cheddar bay
  • Cakey-okey
  • “pee video” (whatever that was…) “Pee in the shower, save the rainforest”
  • “The lion sleeps tonight” sung by hippo and dog…
  • “un radiateur pour deux” - Animated fly vs. spider

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Ezra “You really…” (directed to Poink but cut off)
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