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Episode: 426

Airdate: Aug 16, 2009  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Return of The Zebra Chef




  • Takala (cook)

Show Highlights

  • The cast discusses “District 9” and similar “motion sickness” inducing movies
  • Ezra gives a crash course in German to Hugh Manatee… but he already knows some swearwords.
  • Pawpets discuss jobs that are going away in the e-age (like postal service)
  • Armond White - movie critic is… discussed? bashed?
  • Mutt gets quite worked up about Armond White's review of “The Black Knight”
  • Mutt talks about his encounter with “Bells Palsy”.
  • Kuddlepup presents Quagga-Mix… and everybody BUT him hates it ;P
  • The cast discusses upcoming movies… and find out that almost all of them are re-makes and new versions…
  • Which celebrity would you bring back from the dead?
  • Yappy Fox has a frog in the house
  • A discussion about old single-screen cinemas…
  • …results in Pawpets do a “silent movie” - complete with B/W and text-cards: a fight sequence between Mutt and Ezra escalates…
  • Jackrabbit gets high on marker fumes from writing text-cards
  • Pawpets in 8bit!
  • Shake-a-cam moment - “space fight scene from Star Trek” style
  • Takala gets interviewed
  • Takala is asked to come up with a dish by rummaging through Yappy Fox's kitchen.
  • Roll call triple-trouble: Mutt, Ezra and Hugh Manatee take turns at reading the channel… (Who's “a-choo?”)
  • while playing the “Earworm of the week”, Mutt tries to hang himself but gets cought on the ceiling fan and flung into the kitchen.
  • During shout-outs the Yappy puppet makes unappropriate hand movements…
  • Zeke is in channel and had an accident…
  • Kuddlepup suggests the “Stoner Parfait” as a title for the desert Takala came up with…

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Caption: Santa and a “happy” Uncle Kage on a bike
  • Pawpets weather forcast / Rush hour German

Videos shown

  • Parody Trailer for “2012”
  • Les Paul music video
  • Santa riding his bike into the ballroom at Megaplex
  • Santa riding his bike into the ballroom at Megaplex - directors cut…
  • Rap Chop
  • Slap Chop (spanish version)
  • Simon's cat - Fly Guy
  • Bell Atlantic Centrex commercial (animated)
  • Fudgy Hill climb in a 4 wheeler.
  • Smells like Nirvana vs. Rick Roll
  • AC 2009 video by Oreo_Wolf -
  • Just enough with Kent Jones: Furry report from RMFC
  • Squeez Bacon - available at
  • AniBoom - House MD, the animated series
  • “Zap” Ferret: Intro - Atkelar
  • I'm on a boat… a capella -
  • “Screw learning to dance” -
  • The YuYu - Irish themed animation, anime style
  • Pizza commercial (sound fail)
  • Woodstock Slappy
  • Apache
  • Chef's Blend animated cat dinner commercial
  • Coyote and Roadrunner… errr.. Deion Sanders Pepsi commercial
  • The Daffodils (Bullwinkle)
  • Bud Light commercial with HAL and Steve
  • Les Paul - B/W video, showing how he and his wife did the recordings

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Mutt “Waaahhh!!” - drops off the stage after standing on his head next to Ezra
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