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Episode: 434

Airdate: Oct 25, 2009  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Halloween 2009

Show starts with a dark frame to reveal the Halloween decoration (tombstones)




  • Ozzy (Subservient)
  • PredatorPanther (Subservient)

Weird songs played by Yappy

  • Zombie (by The Cranberries) as a country cover
  • Various versions of “Another brick in the wall”

Show Highlights

  • Poink gets knocked on the head by a tombstone (several times)
  • Yappy Fox discusses (and subsequently plays) an abundance of cover versions for “Another brick in the wall”
  • Poink breaks the ustream by plugging in the “toilet seat” computer.
  • Yappy Fox discovers gay pride ringtones…
  • Kuddlepup has given out the show's address to a former highschool buddy and regrets it…
  • Bandit chews on Earl
  • Bummers - drawn by Yamavu
  • Tubeferrets - done by the ferrets of FPS, live!
  • Yappy Fox deleted Bob Marley
  • Kuddlepup reviews the “Where the wild things are” movie
  • Mutt dies laughing due to a nutsack-airbag joke by Poink
  • The “Acid Flashback” is brought back

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • none

Videos shown

  • Music Video: Boogie Man - White Zombie
  • Ace Frehley
  • How to: Trick or treat - Atkelar
  • Fursuit farting
  • Security cam video of Guy falling down…and down…and down… with Benny Hill theme FIXME title @ 56:00
  • “Let's squish our fruits together” - flash mob
  • Pawpets Rewind - Silent movies
  • Swear Jar - Bud commercial
  • Dead Meat - zombie animation
  • Byby shampoo bubble guy
  • News: “cat” downloaded 1000 child porn images…
  • Furcon video - Furfright '09
  • Anime (Writing/drawing on a glass wall) FIXME title @ 1:16:00
  • Jet-Fighter flying…
  • strange color painting video FIXME title @ 1:23:45
  • Attack of the show - Fursuit
  • Poltergeist “attic room door” video (only brief intro)
  • Japanese Slow motion running up to the camera FIXME title @ 1:28:50
  • Annoying Orange
  • Batman FIXME title @ 1:35:00
  • Invisible dog flashmob
  • V - dance video - “Fireflies” (almost Gong'd)
  • Creepy ice cream man FIXME title @ 1:44:00 (Gong'd)
  • Favorite Movies by Eli Roth (Gong'd)
  • Guinea Pigs racing video FIXME title @ 1:47:00
  • Day at the park (Tilt shift video of Disney park)
  • Ferret dance animation (run twice)
  • Confuzzled commercial
  • AC video from Oreowolf (Invaders Must Die)
  • Acid Flashback: The first Halloween episode Episode 48
  • Acid Flashback: Episode 47

Nutshot of the week

  • Airbag 1
  • Airbag 2 - the sequal

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Scream Guy “Spidah on your heaaad!”
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