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Episode: 439

Airdate: Dec 06, 2009  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Just: Chuck Norris

a.k.a.: Chuck Norris doesn't watch FPS… FPS watches Chuck Norris!




  • FIXME sp? @ 1:48:00 Scadget (Subservient)
  • North
  • Jackie Dog
  • Matix

Show Highlights

  • Show starts with the song “Just the two of us” performed by four pawpet “twins” (Spoiler + dog + Rummage + YinYang)*2
  • An abundance of (cheap) christmas decoration in Yappy's neighborhood and also his house is discussed.
  • Blitz has decorated the house… with a ton of stuffs.
  • We learn that Yappy Fox was a Sunday school teacher…
  • Bandit gets his first toy out of the toy hydrant. And Poink looks weird wearing the top of the hydrant.
  • The cast discusses the traditional florida Christmas party, complete with video inserts FIXME name of the event?
  • Yappy Fox tries to emulate an Apple II.
  • The cast discusses old video and arcade games they played.
  • Kuddlepup and BitBear read “useless facts” and “Chuck Norris facts”…
  • Poink lip-syncs the “I'm the Boogieman”, Ezra tries to “sing” along
  • Ezra curls up in a ball and giggles hard when listening to a “nativity scene singing”…
  • Performance of “His Cheeseburger - Veggie Tales”
  • Performance of “Propper cup of coffee”

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • None was announced.

Videos shown

  • Takala on carpet skates
  • Gift exchange
  • Dance
  • NASA rocket launch
  • Nerf gun raid
  • Whatever? @ 1:17:00
  • “Schwäbisch Hall” commercial with animated foxes…
  • Unleashed FIXME tilte @ 2:23:15
  • Bananaphone song animation
  • Frosty christmas special - voice over.
  • Animation mesh up to “This is the life” FIXME animation title @ 2:27:00 (cut short)
  • Christmas light-show
  • Toys'r'us commercial
  • Giligan's island animated version intro
  • Extreme snack
  • Some facts about owls
  • The life of a mountain cow
  • The green machine - commercial
  • Claymation shroom trip
  • Claymation “fight”
  • Female McDonalds commercial
  • Chuck Norris Mountain Dew commercial
  • Remix jokes1)
  • Baby got Back… sung “classic” style FIXME video title @ 2:41:00

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Hugh “Mooooo!” (Jumping off the stage)
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