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Episode: 452

Airdate: Mar 14, 2010  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]


Cast and Staff



  • Michel Mephit
  • Pi!!2)

Show Highlights

  • Ezra gets turned into a bear
  • Kuddlepup tells his ER story…
  • Blitz (and several others) sing The Jackson Five's “ABC”
  • Kuddlepup shows pictures of a fursuit outing at a local SciFi/Anime con
  • The cast discusses how Pi-day is celebrated
  • Ferrets dance/pounce to various versions of “Apache”
  • Rummage, YinYang and two anonymous collies perform “American Pie”
  • Somebody FIXME name needed3) puts an ice cube down Kuddlepup's shorts
  • During the closing credits, Yappy Fox fades over to the video that goes with the closing credits song

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Caption: 7 cats stacked in plastic containers

Videos shown

  • Russian music with crooner Eduard Khil (The Trololo Guy) including…
  1. Loggers
  2. Not Fit
  3. Man of the House Went Out (La la la la la)
  4. Trololo
  • CG “Gorillaz” video FIXME title @ 43:30
  • A Pi sermon
  • The Banana Splits “Tra La La”
  • Family Guy “Disney” universe “Pie song”
  • Lalalala-Song to the Apache video
  • ZAP Video about “Pi”
  • The “Pi Song” - to the tune of “American Pie” (Video was only a still image, so we get a ferret performing to it)
  • Fursuit Dancing to [Love & Joy] Japanese song?
  • Furry Fiesta 2010 - Fursuit Parade
  • Family Guy “Disney” universe “Pie song” (cut short this time)
  • Talking Cat “I spy…”
  • Talking Cat “Mystical cat”
  • Mascot eating cheerleader
  • “Early one morning”… weird animation… FIXME title @1:51:30
  • Geek video - girl from 2010 FIXME title @ 2:53:40
  • Sesame Street “Metal”
  • Japan: people trying to catch a “Tiger” in a zoo
  • Lincoln - Vampire hunter
  • Tin robot video FIXME title @ 3:00:30
  • Video game store… “Something suitable for an 8 year old” FIXME title @ 3:02:30
  • Letter of complaint against Mario and Luigi
  • Pool trick shot with dominos
  • Überstix (cut short)
  • WTF Blanket - part two: WTF blanket for pets
  • Lonely arms commercial
  • Choose Your Own Adventure
  • “Cat Slap”
  • Mascot eating cheerleader
  • Boxing Roo
  • Disco + Burger King
  • ??? Horse head??? FIXME title @ 3:15:00
  • Music Video: Cowboy? FIXME title @ 3:15:20
  • Spitting Image Cher
  • Fursuit + Hockey
  • Static cat vs. balloon
  • Mascot streaking

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Ezra “PIIIIIIEEE!”
  • Ezra after the show has ended and in the background “good!”
  • Yappy Fox continues the stream after closing time and plays the video that goes with the closing credit song…
missing Name
listed as special guest in the credits
probably Zeke
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