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Episode: 453

Airdate: Mar 21, 2010  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Who's in Blitz's bedroom?

The show credits list “Jackrabbit” although he wasn't on this episode…




  • Moxi Foxi (Subservient)
  • Princess Fox
  • FIXME who? @ 2:29:00

Show Highlights

  • The cast discusses misheard lyrics
  • Uncle Kage furst pouts and later sulks as Ezra suggests that he should sing the Tro Lo Lo song at AC.
  • Ezra hangs himself… and we have an Ezra-zombie - Tro Lo Lo
  • The cast discuss the opening of a new Heart Attack Grill in Orlando.
  • Yappy Fox responds to a call for “cute” by playing the “Barney” song. Everybody promptly hangs themselves.
  • Moxi Foxi tries to dance the Macarena
  • YinYang and Brunhilda act out scenes from “Airplane”
  • Yappy Fox plays the original video for the closing song agian
  • Yappy Fox mentions the new video submission rules as well as that “Shout Outs” have now been replaced by “Paw Tweets”

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • None has been announced.

Videos shown

  • Music Video: Pour some sugar on me / Def Leppard
  • Eduard Khil (The Trololo Guy) - “Zima (Winter)”
  • Documentary about Eduard “Trololo” Khil
  • Music Video: Telephone / Lady Gaga
  • Intro of “Zoobilee Zoo”
  • “Yappy's Neighborhood” animated intro
  • Billy lick a lolly…
  • Music Video: Doop
  • Trailer: Tron Legacy
  • Enzyte commercial
  • Chocolate Bunny Death promo - Atkelar
  • Russian Video - failed playback
  • Bog Off - animation
  • Smorgas-Burger commercial (dog food)
  • “Sing on the toilet”
  • Fursuit Video (Waking up in Vegas)
  • “I used to be a man”
  • Cake… puppets… weird… FIXME title @ 1:58:30
  • Codydawg - fursuit dance to japanese(?) song
  • Bucks First - commercial
  • Report on “Peter Graves”
  • “Tooth” trailer
  • Mascot head-butt
  • Smokey - commercial…
  • Back at the Barnyard - animation sketches
  • Movie toy fail - Rafiki and joung Simba
  • The Sonic God - Leopard pacing back and forth
  • Claymotion - “No no” song
  • Zoink the Purple Puppet: “Yummy yummy yummy I got love in my tummy” with music fail…
  • Offensive Shirttails (Robot Chicken).
  • Mascot head-butt [ENCORE]

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Mutt jumps off stage after the credits run by, several chuckles are heard as the stream goes black.
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