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Episode: 457

Airdate: May 02, 2010  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Could it get any cheesier?




  • ??? None ???1)

Show Highlights

  • Ezra opens the show as the “Swedish Chef”
  • Ezra brings different kinds of cheese and bread to create various grilled cheese sandwiches…
  • Poink tells the cast what various toys taste like…
  • Mutt gets a “Shake Weight” and stage hand demonstrates… Brunhilda tries it too.
  • The cast sings along to some oldies
  • “Is it male or female”… FIXME Song title @ 2:46:30
  • Yappy Fox has fun with tuning songs
  • The cast sings along to some more old tunes from the PawPet past, including a black and white segment.
  • Crappy Doo “talks” as Yappy Fox reads the PawTweets

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Iron Chef Pawpets

Videos shown

  • Robot walking around (AT-AT style)
  • Parody video of the robot walk
  • Expressional robot
  • “Segway” type of chair
  • Cheesburger song video
  • Music Video: FIXME title @ 2:00:00
  • Japanese… something… commercial @ 2:35:00
  • Music Video: FIXME title @ 2:03:00
  • Music Video: Weird animation video… FIXME title @ 2:04:00
  • P-P-P-Platypus video
  • Four 2 Gryphon videos played parallel
  • Chocolate Bunny Death - with guns and fursuits FIXME title @ 2:08:45
  • Bango's Slam Dunk
  • Music Video: Goldfrapp - Music video with dog headed humans FIXME title @ 2:13:00
  • H.R. Puffinstuff video
  • Music Video: Strip Machine - Goldfrapp
  • Trololo + P-P-P-Platypus mesh up

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Weird fox puppet pops up and everybody goes “aaaaahhh”
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