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Episode: 464

Airdate: Jun 20, 2010  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Funday Pawpet (Slide)Show

The show starts with the theme song and a vuvuzela noise all over… which promptly broke the stream, not even a minute into the show.

Outage counter: about 1, 18, 25, 144, 194 minutes into the stream…1) After the third outage, the RTSP stream (QT/VLC) is dropped.

The credits show the visitors of last week… Oops.

Cast and Staff



  • Eagle Beagle (Special Appearance by)
  • Rummage (Subservient)
  • Flipside (Subservient)

Show Highlights

  • Dragon bites Ezra - chinese dragon eats doggies!
  • Ezra announces the “Funday Pirate Show” as Eagle Beagle suggests stealing cable form the neighbors to circumvent the modem problems…
  • An interesting new game makes the rounds: “are we still on? no! Oh, wait… we are!”
  • Ezra suggests a “naked show” and Rummage shows that he is indeed naked beneath his bandana
  • Kuddlepup and Jackrabbit strip… and Zeke's Underdog Undies become legend!
  • Hugh Manatee plays “Lola” as Ezra performs “Copacabana”
  • Ezra gives a spoiler alert and Yappy Fox turns down the volume for us…
  • Rummage dances to “I will survive”
  • The questions “Who would you like to meet” and “What day would you go back to” are discussed.
  • Rocky Raccoon performs “The Love Boat” theme song.
  • Bitch Voop performs “99 Luftballons”.
  • During subservience, Rummage carries out the keyboard to perform to “Apache”… and later steals Eagle Beagle's pants
  • Movie Talk: Toy Story 3
  • Ezra tells us about his teacup collection
  • Ezra and Dusty sing “Just Like Romeo and Juliet”
  • Scorch reads roll call…
  • Ezra instructs Dusty and Brunhilda to use the ShakeWeight - and a pawpet fitness video results…

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • none was announced but “naked time” and “stream trouble” were naturals.

Videos shown

  • America's Got Talent - Prince Poppycock - O.o
  • Grease - “Greased Lightning”
  • The Smurf's Movie Trailer
  • Fox and McDonalds animation…
  • Fraggle Rock video
  • FIXME Owl video@ 2:27:40
  • Mongrels - “Cat Casration”
  • Infomercial Parody - “Hand Job”
  • Infomercial Parody - “Shii - The Wii for women”
  • Ask a lobster…? from 5secondfilms
  • Nutshot: football/soccer
  • Queen - “I want to break free”
  • Radio Gaga
  • Mongrels - TV promo
  • “Super Gran” intro/credits
  • Mongrels - “Lesbian Birds” (cut short, repeat)
  • Weasel Massage
  • Mongrels - TV promo (cut short, repeat)
  • “Be Loyal” song with animated video…
  • “Cute Cat” done with fursuit
  • Golden Girls sped up
  • Couple met at Walt Disney World as children
  • Olivia Newton-John music video - “Hopelessly Devoted to You”
  • ShakeWeight commercial / training video

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Ezra “You're getting shorts!” (talking to Blitz refering to bedazzled shorts)
easily recongnizable by the “nooooo”'s in the IRC logs.
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