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Episode: 491

Airdate: Jan 23, 2011  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

The oooold stuff




  • Wanikami

Show Highlights

  • We reach poo in T+11 minutes…
  • Mutt, Poink and Brunhilda enact “Carousel of Progress”
  • What would you do with loads of money
  • “How young is Blitz?” - what cartoon series does he remember?
  • Yappy Fox animates the Shmoo (sp?) to Tihuana Taxi
  • Mutt reads the instructions off a K-Y tube…
  • Woulfe calls in via skype-video
  • The cast does their own dialog to “Slim Goodbody”
  • Derp appears with a cowboy hat
  • After the video break, Wanikami appears on stage and is confused for Derp with a top-hat and glasses
  • The channel explodes as everybody tries out how to get kicked by |
  • There are numerous OrkOrkOrks as Derp mentions being stretched out…
  • Some shock-image is shown off screen…
  • Zeke texts Kuddlepup: car trouble
  • Mutt talks about bonus food at KFC… Chicken skin in Pepsi
  • Ezra tells us about a medical procedure he's about to undergo and he realizes he's not going to be able to fap for some time…

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Pawpet theme park

Videos shown

  • Show bumper: Linda Blair
  • 1978 Dynamints Commercial
  • 2XL - commercial
  • The Harlem Globetrotters intro
  • Wait till your father gets home intro
  • The Banana Splits (excerpt)
  • Time for Timer
  • Slim Goodbody - show excerpt
  • Mika's teddy bear picnic
  • Mika: Lollypop
  • “The furred man” - …?
  • Japanese WTF commercial with a dog (two versions)
  • ??? Guy with traktor???
  • FPS tribute - Bucktowntiger
  • Rock and Rule - trailer
  • Swedbank commercial (squirrel with stop motion like animation)
  • Anything I can do… - Gong'd
  • time lapse drawing - ?
  • Clay motion - Flintstones (dream sequence)
  • Will it apache: dancing with a fox
  • Panda commercial spoof with Hitler
  • Jabberwocky… intro
  • Music video: Bear dancing - Apache'd and Tihuana'd and Gong'd
  • Leslie Nielsen - football commercial
  • Murraymint commercial
  • Omadaun - sped up
  • Plucky Duck - intro, sped up
  • Dogs in snow - Apache'd
  • Jetsons - commercial
  • Tigerlilly - sped up
  • Mad Hatter - sped up
  • “It's OK to be gay” - Gong'd
  • “Respect the pouch” - Whoopie cushin

# of flood kicks by |

  • Counted during the show hours: 21 (out of 22 kicks total)

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Ezra “Now you can stretch out Blitz!”
  • Mutt “Join me on TWITTER @MuttFPS”
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