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Episode: 522

Airdate: Oct 09, 2011  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]





  • Babs Bunny

Show Highlights

  • The brand new Hugh Manatee is on stage.
  • While Yappy Fox browses “disneyfaceswap”…
  • Mutt checks out “lemonparty”
  • Fun with a soundboard
  • Blitz gets caked during the roll call
  • During the talent videos, Hugh Manatee criticises just about everything but the videos…
  • Scream Guy talks about Steve Jobs
  • Babs gets interviewed
  • Mutt and KuddlePup talk about haunted houses for Halloween

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

Videos shown

  • FIXME name? show bumper
  • Apple Jack: Party Rock
  • Buddy Holly
  • Good times
  • Animatronic Dragon (Sped up/down)
  • Old Spice meets MLP
  • “Compare the Market” meerkats on a plane commercial
  • Dragon/fight scene 3D animation
  • FIXME name? and minigun demo
  • Animatronic Dragon (Vincent Price from “Thriller”)
  • No soap radio coaster title sequence
  • Pacman ghosts singing
  • Scorch dragon skit
  • Muppets + death on screen
  • Old Spice commercial
  • Mutt's video from the horror con: Coffin simulator explained
  • Mutt's video from the horror con: ???
  • FIXME McCartney music video title

Pawpets got talent!

  • Omadaun: Dinosaur Animation (Tijuana Taxi'd)
  • BJButtons: Firetruck slideshow
  • … a bit of JR's standup
  • Coyote Sabre Charge
  • Coyote Bayonette Lawnchair
  • Coyote at rocket camp
  • Roofus: Animation “Consuming”
  • Animation “welding Ezra bling”

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Mutt listing the following shows
  • Blitz “Bollocks!”
played by Babs Bunny
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