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Episode: 523

Airdate: Oct 23, 2011  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Weird Stories




  • Ozzie (Subservient)

Show Highlights

  • Blitz and JackRabbit are out for the night
  • “Barbara Streisand” is played… with several different names
  • We learn that YappyFox has fallen victim to the iCloud with some em-bare-assing pictures.
  • Fred_Bedderhead moment…
  • YappyFox pulls up a page about “nerd cons in Florida”, mendioning both MegaPlex and Furloween (,0,658937.story?page=1 )
  • KuddlePup plays FIXME name? with the IRC audience. The resulting story is about Blitz getting called for Jury Duty
  • Mutt's twitter account got hacked…
  • The cast discusses the upcoming telethon to be on November 13
  • YinYang has a sheepdog fursuit!
  • Round robin story time! Breaking Dookie twice!
  • Mutt rants about the “Duelling Dragons” coaster getting “modified”
  • Jigsaw calls in…

Videos shown

  • Ham'o'ween (Angry Birds cartoon)
  • MLP parody - applejack the apple addict FIXME real title?
  • Animatronic dragon puppet
  • William Shatner sings… well sort of sings “Bohemian Rhapsody” (sped up and gong'd)
  • Animated Ford commercial
  • Furcon video?
  • Mr. Jaws
  • Pikachu farting lessons
  • Dragon Theatre - the reluctant dragon
  • Ken-L Ration Smorgesburgers… swedish chef like dogfood commercial
  • The Muppet Movie trailer
  • “Tug Toner” commercial parody
  • Raptor costume walk
  • Ceiling fan hit video

Pawpet got talent

  • McDonalds slide ride - FIXME who?
  • Horsing around - Roofus

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Todd “I'm hiding under the covers!”
  • Mutt “Let the games begin!”
  • LOGO: “On oct 30th… oh yes, there will be polyfill! Funday SAWPet show”
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