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Episode: 524

Airdate: Oct 30, 2011  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Halloween 2011




  • Ranger (Subservient)

Show Highlights

  • The cast members are dressed up: Todd is dressed up as Ezra, Brunhilda is “NegaBlitz”, HughManatee is dressed up as a voop…
  • The stage is decorated with a “Happy Halloween” sign.
  • Brain bleach moment… with “The Big Bad Wolf” video
  • We get to hear the five clues from Jigsaw that were aired on TheRabbitHole
  • Movie Talk: Puss in boots, Muppet movie
  • Bawk is the first pawpet to fail at a Jigsaw game…
  • Fart-Stories are shared…
  • Hugh Manatee gets to play “Hugh XL” as there's no other cassette player around to play Jigsaw's clue tape…
  • FIXME name (creepy kitty) is the second pawpet to fail at a Jigsaw game…
  • Bacon gets ground up as Ranger fails to do 100 push-ups as Jigsaw's third game
  • Hugh Manatee dies in a headless naked barbie box as he fails to drink diet coke
  • Ranger gets decapitated and skinned
  • The announcement that the channel needs to reach 420 users by the end of the show, causes many viewers to double connect… and thus the user number peaks at 410-ish before Jigsaw starts to kill off connections faster than people can re-connect…
  • …and as that no longer works - around 415-ish - the whole server chokes - which doesn't really make a difference as the server is set to a 417 user maximum.
  • Jigsaw ends the episode with a Papwet Centipede.

Jigsaw's clues

  • Doomed mans last words - search
  • Keep things in order - youtube
  • Listen to people - channel
  • Pay attention - for
  • ??? - Sawpet

Videos shown

  • Gorillaz… naked… - Motorola Advert
  • “The big bad wolf”
  • “Piecho” - Greifer video.
  • Mario, the furry
  • Castrophony the ferret from Wales is worried for the Pawpets
  • “The Lost” GorillazBite - Fancy Dress
  • Fox nomming on a hand
  • Halloween decoration set to Party Rock Anthem
  • FIXME ??? @ 1:50:00
  • Levi's… ???
  • Nike commercial
  • Woolworth/Woolco commercial
  • Mash up of horror flic scenes
  • Burker Chef commercial
  • Thundercats… vs. the internet
  • My Boyfriend - Babs Bunny
  • ???
  • Toothless suit performance
  • Dragon fursuit video - Zepp
  • Annoying Orange vs. Angry Birds

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Jigsaw Presenting the Pawpet Centipede and giggling
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