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Episode: 526

Airdate: Nov 13, 2011  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Telethon 2011

Telethon results

later numbers are just estimates as Yappy Fox can't keep up with all the fees and piecemeal donations

  • 1140 Initial donation total at show start
  • 2170
  • 2844
  • 3629
  • 4249
  • 4756
  • 5179
  • 6481
  • 8062 first number announced to be over the goal of $7000
  • 8238
  • 8500 last number on the board


See the Telethon page for details.



Show Highlights

  • The white balance is off… Poink appears to be a blonde ferret…
  • Hugh Manatee is annoyed that the show is going to continue
  • Blitz will not watch MLP - even if the telethon reaches 10,000$
  • A huge pile of puppets is on the living room floor, waiting for their auction
  • Poink and Mutt try to say “thank you” to everybody who donated…
  • Herbie shows us the the (almost) finished maquette that BJButtons won last year…
  • Mutt announces that Rhubarb is going to join the show as an occasional semi-regular guest star
  • Mutt - after selling his collar - doesn't want to show his naked self so he's wearing a sweater
  • JackRabbit says that all the “PM” windows are cluttering his screen and that none of them are talking dirty…
  • …which prompts an onslought of dirty-talk that drives him crazy

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • No art jams

Videos shown

  • Ezra visits the “Festival of the Masters”
  • “Festival of the Masters”: Digital Photo Manipulation Artist
  • “Festival of the Masters”: Glass Artist
  • “Festival of the Masters”: Pottery Artist
  • “Festival of the Masters”: Digital Artist
  • “Festival of the Masters”: Florida Highway Man
  • “Festival of the Masters”: Mineatures
  • “Festival of the Masters”: Sketchbook artist

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Mutt “naaakeeed…” floating across the room
  • everybody on mic “Thank you!”
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