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Episode: 542

Airdate: Mar 25, 2012  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]





  • Zepher
  • Dark Stalker

Show Highlights

  • Cerberus' FPS animation is aired before the real intro again.
  • Ezra talks about the new Disney card game
  • Brunhilda mentions “Micky Dude” as a location reference in Disneyland…
  • …so Yappy Fox brings out the Walt/Mickey statue.
  • Puke-spots in Disneyland are discussed.
  • “Furnando” calls in and talks about the impending closure of his business
  • Uncle Kage calls in and talks about the late Josie DeCarlo (sp?) and the upcoming AC
  • WolfPupTK calls in and talks about the red cross fundraiser: - donate here: 
  • Yappy Fox browses an online lingerie catalog…
  • …bringing up the Blitz moment: “What's a bikini spider?”
  • Name that toon… “paws” edition.
  • The rabbit formerly known as Howler calls in and explains why he's now calling himself Romeo.
  • The cast plays “Guess the song” by reading a line of the lyrics.
  • Zepher and Dark Stalker get interviewed

Videos shown

  • Vomit - Roller Coaster FAIL!
  • Easy-Bake oven
  • Zit poppin' video
  • Music Video: FIXME title? @ ~1:15:00
  • FIXME animated music sequence title @ ~2:30:00 - sped up
  • Wombles… dancing FIXME real title @ ~2:31:00 - sped up
  • Mongrels “commercial”
  • Absolute Commercial with robotic grayhounds
  • Music Video: FIXME title - gong'd
  • Balleys Comets intro FIXME sp?
  • “Hang up” - Phone conversation - animation
  • Marsupilami trailer
  • commercial
  • Bagpipes and unicycle
  • Dixie Cups commercial
  • Fursuit music performance
  • New skunk smell “commercial”
  • drummer Micky
  • Mio - commercial
  • Dog riding a scooter
  • Poney Bebop
  • Bucktown Tiger: Smile Smile Smile
  • EaTheramin presentation - gong'd
  • ham radio song…
  • The hunger game
  • Portal “Aperture” song
  • Star Wars parody animation - gong'd
  • Vixen with a shotgun
  • Dogs getting “frisky” - gong'd
  • Lollipop by Li'l Wayne - The Rock-afire Explosion

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Jar Jar “Meesa want pasta!”
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