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Episode: 553

Airdate: Jul 01, 2012  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]





  • Diesel (Subservient)
  • Snitch (Subservient)
  • DingoRoo

Show Highlights

  • Yappy Fox celebrates Canada day…
  • …as everybody else is celebrating independance day
  • Broniecon is briefly discussed
  • Ezra is mad at the new security questions that iTunes uses
  • Yappy Fox tries to call Fernando
  • Mutt accidentally bought a 2 pound lasagne… and ate it!
  • Kuddlepup plays a few rounds of “Cards against humanity”
  • Movie-Talk: Brave
  • Mutt talks about “stupid protests”
  • Fernando calls in after another try to reach him
  • Snapai calls in and talks about Broniecon
  • The end credits list the show as episode #552

Art Jam topic(s)/Caption Picture description

  • Mutt vs. Food

Videos shown

  • Dollywood opening
  • Conjoined twins
  • Megaplex 10 - retro arcade
  • MLP pencil test animation
  • Japanese noodle commercial
  • “Wang” commercial
  • Red Bull commercial (animated)
  • Anti-drug bobcat
  • King Kong ride
  • Dog on a bike news report
  • MLP meets party rock
  • Electronics kit commercial
  • 2.99 gas price commercial
  • coaster video
  • Bucktown Tiger Furnando video
  • FIXME fursuiting video @ 2:38:00
  • Two girls one cup parody song

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Derp “CAMERA!” (coming in on the camera)
  • Ezra “I need to pee!”
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