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Episode: 569

Airdate: Nov 25, 2012  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Twinkies Be Gone



Show Highlights

  • Brunhilda is wearing a mask for his allergories.
  • Ezra got raped with taxi fare on his way to MFF
  • Yappy Fox gets a pat down search on his way to MFF
  • Yappy Fox reads a letter that came with some coffe and rum from SpaceFox
  • The cast tries the rum
  • Poink is besides himself… with Brunhilda.
  • The cast has their last ever twinkies
  • Ezra and Blitz each design a game for Yappy Fox
  • Ezra is getting more and more intoxicated by the minute
  • Mutt's fun picture slideshow
  • Yappy Fox plays around with not-so subtle subtitles
  • After Dark moment! Toasters!
  • Mutt hangs himself over the raccoon song

Art Jam Topic

  • None was announced - and Mutt wonders if they should come up with one… 2 hours 44 in.

Videos shown

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Everybody “TWINKIES!!!!”
  • Mutt “Omnomnomnom!”
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