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Episode: 575

Airdate: Jan 13, 2013  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Pawpet Broadcasting Network - II



Show Highlights

  • Segment 1: The Trans European Happy for Living Sunday Show (although the stage sign reads “Trans-Europese Blij Voor Wonen Goede Tijd Pawpet Tonen!)
  • Segment 2: Social Skills for Fanboys
  • Segment 3: Biker Basics with Bufford
  • Segment 4: The good word - with Poink T. Weasel
  • Segment 5: The news tonight with Todd - and annoying panda
  • Segment 6: Pawpet's Cooking Time - with Jojo and Ingredient Ferret
  • Segment 7: Starwhip Pawpet
  • Ezra talks about Blaze getting sick
  • Car talk: crappy cars
  • Mutt's thoughts of the week… involving doggie doo and auto-cannibalism
  • Favorite TV-Show Themes are discussed… and played!
  • Oscar and Raspberry awards nominations are read and discussed.

Art Jam Topic

  • None was announced.

Videos shown

  • The Gopher Hole - Radio stream
  • Funday Pawpet Fail Parody
  • Paw Pet TV - 20th Century Fox parody logo
  • Polar bear themed coffee shop in London
  • Roofus presents: Kitschbonbon -
  • Atkelar - Dog's Life: Breakfast -
  • BlackfootFerret - Chocolate Bunny Death trilogy
  • HACS - GateKeeper coaster review
  • Pandora presents her suit
  • Ben Franklin show bumper
  • FIXME Chance Tigerpaw?
  • Strongbad mail: Do you have a car?

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Mutt “Flügeldance!”
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