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Episode: 587

Airdate: May 12, 2013  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Oh Pulcino Pio Mio!




  • TheSonicGod
  • Shazasen (FIXME sp?) nicknamed “shoesizenine” (Subservient)
  • RomeoRabbit

Show Highlights

  • Mutt announces the 1 hour is 1 minute show!
  • TheSonicGod runs through his show for a minute…
  • …followed by RomeoRabbit for another minute
  • Will Pulcino Pio Apache? …Tihuana Taxi? …Trololo?
  • Blitz dances to Pulcino Pio
  • Blitz takes along Brunhilda to the pizza shop… he fears that somebody is using him to sing to Prince
  • Herbie takes off the clothes from headless Uncle Kage
  • Poink presents: weird news of the week
  • Movie Talk: 80's and 90's movies
  • Are you smarter than KP?

Videos shown

  • Several language versions (French, English, German, Dutch) of the Pulcino Pio song
  • Psy “Gentleman” FIXME full song title
  • Top 10 reasons why time travel is bad!
  • Bridge
  • MLP? FIXME title?
  • Larva
  • omelette
  • ormie
  • Pug life
  • Sizzlean commercial
  • Calgon commercial
  • Where's the beef!?
  • BigMac commercial
  • Burger King commercial
  • Hai Karate after shafe commercial
  • Bathroom cleaner
  • Alka Seltzer commercial (Meatball)
  • Instant Coffee commercial
  • Winkles panty hose commercial
  • Camay soap commercial
  • Minute Maid commercial
  • Teaberry gum commercial
  • Great american soups commercial
  • Bounty towels commercial
  • Old commercial mix
  • Strongbad e-mail: Go Dumples

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • (During the fast-forward-show) Erza “I forgot to blink!”
  • Ezra “Can you hear me?”
  • Mutt “MEATBOOT!”
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