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Episode: 653

Airdate: Jan 11, 2015  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]


KuddlePup is home sick… not homesick, Mutt!



Show Highlights

  • YappyFox has found another copy of his character used as icon…
  • OrlandoFox takes up animation… and the cast wonders how to get her a license of “ToonBoom Studio”…
  • “busy signal” calls in…
  • Meeting celebreties. Expectations and actual persons.
  • After several tries, OrlandoFox finally calls in!
  • Fun with censor bars shortly before the end of the show…

Videos shown

  • Music Video: Prince FIXME title @0:56
  • Animation: FIXME title @1:21
  • Hoverboard Kickstarter video
  • Intro: Dinosaucers
  • Banded Mongeese in a ballpit
  • Car pileup
  • Wombat guddles
  • Dog runs
  • Extreme Sports
  • Cops in Russia jumping through windshield
  • Jim Carey in a “Dating Game” sketch
  • How to cook Ramen
  • Fireworks factory on fire
  • Karate “training” video
  • “Verrückt” - waterslide teaser
  • FIXME TITLE: Weird “puppet singing” video @3:10
  • Report about electrical bike in Berlin
  • Bacon video (gong'd?)
  • Upcoming rollercoaster animation: FIXME name? @ 3:29
  • Six Flags - Attractions for 2015

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Poing “:P” (while JR flips off the audience)
  • Mutt hangs himself
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