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Episode: 654

Airdate: Jan 18, 2015  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Rasvar II - return of the flatulent




  • Rasvar

Show Highlights

  • Rasvar and JackRabbit tell about their forgetful waitress
  • Fart alert: Rasvar clears the stage, not even 15 minutes in!
  • Mutt brings a chew toy for Bandit, which took half an hour to buy
  • Poink manages to end up at Epcot again!
  • Yappy Fox google searches “Pool Boy”
  • What was the last text you received/sent?
  • Mutt suggests that Yappy Fox sabotages other people's trips to AC, so he can be the only one left who has been at every one of them…
  • Yappy Fox has a recording of Mutt snoring….
  • Rasvar gets interviewed
  • Rasvar plays a round of “Are you smarter than K.P.”
  • Yappy Fox misplaces the audience credits

Videos shown

  • Ron-Ron montage
  • Fish stealing seal(?)
  • Terry, The Bi Bipolar Polar Bear - Birthday
  • Terry, The Bi Bipolar Polar Bear - Happy Birthday (on facebook!)
  • Terry, The Bi Bipolar Polar Bear - Bipolar spokesbear
  • Two cats purring
  • Cow dancing in supermarket
  • You shall not pass, dog!
  • Elvis
  • Alien d*** video by Mutt
  • Lazy Hamster
  • “got talent” show, the “Diva Song”
  • Little girl vs. man in close combat sport
  • Dog vs. cat in doggy bed
  • Tacocat - Perry Gripp
  • Soupy Sales
  • Animation: shadow figures
  • Music Video: Bruno Mars - FIXME: title @ 1:36
  • Music Video: FIXME title
  • Music Video: Bruno Mars - Amazing

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Poink “This show is lip-sync'd!”
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