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Episode: 694

Airdate: Dec 20, 2015  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Christmas 2015




  • Star
  • SK-1
  • ???
  • Reese (Subservient)

Show Highlights

  • The show starts with Chrsitmas intro music instead of the regular song.
  • JackRabbit is manning the console for the first time - some tech difficulties are to be expected…
  • The stage is all decked out in Christmas ornaments.
  • Mutt sports blinking Christmas lights as a collar.
  • White Elephant Gift Exchange: KuddlePup - Batman, Blitz - Doggy Doo, ??? - Fox themed grab bag, Yappy Fox - steals fox bag, ??? - Blow up Trumpet, JackRabbit - Star Wars Crayons, - Wine, Blitz - steals Fox bag, Yappy Fox - Trading Pins, SK-1 - Stormtrooper, Kuddlepup steals Crayons
  • Kuddlepup discovers that his box of crayons are all broken in half.
  • Todd Ferret hands out presents to the other pawpets.
  • We can see Doggy Doo in action again… including constipation.
  • FIXME name of the rat @ 2:25 translates the poem that Ezra reads into scientific text.
  • Herbie cleans out Doggy Doo…

Videos shown

  • Merry Christmas from Pudge
  • Merry Christmas from Sparky
  • FIXME from who? Christmas song using Facerig @ 2:05
  • Oreo Christmas commercial
  • Happy Hannukah… bongh…
  • Full Metal Jacket meets Rudolph
  • Christmas Fails

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • The cast performs the traditional “12 pains of christmas” with the traditional short term planning.
  • Everybody “Merry Christmas”
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