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Episode: 86

Airdate: Jul 29, 2001  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Live from AC 2001

This live show is three hours long.




  • The audience at AC 2001
  • Patch
  • FIXME fox/bird @ 1:55:00
  • FIXME anybody missed?

Show Highlights

  • Ezra tells about his adventures with Taxi rides
  • Both Ezra and Arthur can't believe that they have done 86 episodes…
  • Temp Ferret lost his cigarette
  • Sing along with Arthur: FIXME song title? @ 15:45
  • Ezra performs Uncle Kage's pankreas song and getc choked by Uncle Kage
  • Live performance from Pawpets West: everybody's gone surfin
  • FIXME name @1:03:00 puppeteering
  • Ezra interviews Bill Holbrook
  • Ezra interviews Dan DeCarlo (to be shown in Episode 105)
  • As Ezra hosts a game of pawpet trivia with FIXME name @ 1:37:00, the pirates of Pawpets West take over the stage for a song FIXME title?
  • Ezra tells the story of Uncle Kage riding a roller coaster
  • Scritch announces that Uncle Kage will be late… he had to go to the 21st floor

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • The cast sings the goodbye song
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