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Episode: 603

Airdate: Oct 06, 2013  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]


Note: about ten minutes before the show started, the IRC server went down




  • Blow-Up-Otter (Subservient)
  • Cake (Subservient)

Show Highlights

  • Poink brings up that Mutt isn't there this week and he brings up an expired cereal box to replace him
  • The “Oktoberfest” theme of YapTV extends into the show…
  • KuddlePup got a new doggy - a female mixed breed
  • A blue blow up otter causes much laughter as subservient
  • The cast has some Otter Pops - on mic - to the “Deep Throat” soundtrack
  • The credits reads “bad, bad IRC!”

Videos shown

  • Amusement park ride… FIXME name? @0:36
  • Smart car drifting
  • Best burnout ever
  • Acid Flashback: Episode 325
  • Mercedes commercial: Disco Chickens
  • Suck a Duck
  • Vin and Weird Al
  • My Little Brony commercial
  • Three guys with sheets of paper… Gong'd
  • “The Fox” - with real fox sounds
  • “The Fox” - making of
  • Dancing doll… Gong'd
  • Bathroom video?
  • Star Wars - making it good again
  • Washing machine with a polar bear….
  • Acid Flashback: Episode 100 (Bea Arthur segment)
  • So, now what?
  • Strongbad: Space Program
  • Japanese fursuit video
  • Draft - fursuit dance “Toxic”
  • Top 5 - Furries in gaming
  • FIXME japanese fursuit group dance video title
  • Music Video: Storm Queen - Look Right Through
  • Music Video: Chris Malinchak - So good to me
  • Fursuit music video: Gwiyomi Song
  • Dog's Life - Episode 2: Teaser
  • Shining Time Station - A Dog's Life (Excerpt)
  • Vegetable soup intro
  • Ronald McDonald show…
  • The letter people (various letters)
  • Zoobilee Zoo Theme Song
  • Nickelodeon Pinwheel Intro

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Ezra “That underwear is…”
  • Blitz “Feed me!” FIXME confirm!
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