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Episode: 51

Airdate: Nov 19, 2000  [Download] [Artjams and other files ]

Thanksgiving 2000




Show Highlights

  • Cutter FIXME verify? @ 10:00 calls in from MFF and passes the phone around…
  • Mutt announces that he's selling his body on ebay. He is currently up to $510
  • Mutt tells a story about doing… a business at a record store… and how he lost his sunglasses in the process.
  • Mutt tells a story about mailing his lunch and eating his mom's mail.
  • 42 Minutes into the show, the episode gets a do-over… due to overuse of toilet humor
  • Movie-Talk: The Grin
  • Mach reads a poem and Seal of disapproval just walks off
  • Tuninator
  • Sing along with Arthur FIXME song title @ 1:27:00
  • Yappy Fox tries to explain an IRC game which is just as complicated as any voting system in Florida
  • Multi-Mutt: Who is the real Mutt?!
  • Some TMI about what cast members Yappy Fox has already taken to bed…
  • Anonymous Sheepdog sings “Alice's restaurant”
  • FIXME name? @ 3:03:00 calls in and plays the Pawpet Matchgame
  • Carrot playing the Matchgame is the source of much laughter
  • Tuninator
  • Last Episode to end with the Muppet Show end theme!

Videos shown

  • Pawpet Music Video: Let's get rocked - Pawpets West
  • Pawpet Music Video: The Hockey Game - Pawpets West

"Last Words" (and Actions)

  • Terry “By the way, we're just giving out the cyanide”
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